Bad Birnbach

Better than 1000 pills

In the southeast of Lower Bavaria, between the rivers Danube, Rott and Inn, pulsates hot thermal water, from over 30 years untiringly rising, from the depths of the primary rocks. Exactly here lies Bad Birnbach, which made itself a name as the "rural bath"in the German bath scenery. A title we're bound to. Get a good night's sleep. Eat a hearty breakfast. Discover new things. Read. Go bathing like in a picture book. The modern hotels adapt themselves seamlessly in a faultless place. Nearly every wish is fulfilled by the vacation in a private holiday apartment up to a comfortable four-star hotel. The people from Bad Birnbach are especially proud of the fact, that, despite of the successful development, there church steeple remained the highest point in the village. In the midst of this harmony, the curative thermal water, temperature up to 70 degrees, centigrade's bubbles in 31 thermal pools, the Rottal Terme. In the numerous outside pools, with temperatures from 26 to 40 degrees centigrade all year round, guests can enjoy the incredibly nice view of the river Rott in the south and the hill scenery which surrounds the village.


Health has top priority in Bad Birnbach

More and more people find a new confidence to their personal fitness, away from the routine of work and family life. Body and soul regenerate new energy whilst doing fitness training in thermal water. Heart functions and circulatory functions perceptibly improve. The effect of the healing water has been proved by balneologists. Above all it is the best prevention and treatment of spinal diseases and joint illnesses. Highly qualified therapists – Bad Birnbach has its own school for physiotherapists, masseurs and medical lifeguards – their excellence spreads far out beyond the borders of town.



Against rheumatism and pessimism!

The guests come, primarily, because of the attractions of the Rottal Terme. Nothing keeps one so fit and healthy than swimming and gymnastics in the remedial strong "Birnbacher water". The warm therapeutically water is most valuable to the regeneration impetus for joints and muscles. The lifting force of the water spares the joints; the resistance of the healing water promotes strength, perseverance and harmonizes the motion sequences. In the "new" Vitarium with its exclusive "Thermenwelt" (former recreational bath), the 105 meter long, throughout Europe unique thermal river, radiates at night in all colors. And where else could one enjoy heat, steam and smells better than in the "sauna experience world"of the Vitarium?


Fitness outdoor

In Bad Birnbach the regional charms of the Rottal were uses and an extensive road network was opened for Nordic Walking, hiking, running and riding a bike. One doesn't need to train immediately for the Olympic Games. But still, a little movement doesn't do any harm. And thanks to the "active garden"in the Rottal Terme, with the most modern gym, even the worst weather can't get to you.




As you prepare for tee-off and look down at the most restful holiday village of Bavaria, then you'll understand why the golf park is called "Bella Vista". The golf resort includes a 18-hole place, a 9-hole short place, a generous driving range and an innovative play! Golf arrangement. Around the course there is a generous road network for strolling and Nordic Walking.




All around Bad Birnbach a long, well signposted, approximately 80 km long walking area extends. To form the walking as healthy and restful as possible, only a few of the footpaths are asphalted. Even if not necessary, there is stable footwear or hiking shoes recommended, because than you have a safe footstep and it also spares the joints.



Nordic Walking

If you step in front of your door, you're right in the middle of an about 50 km long Nordic Walking and run park. The road network was compiled by professionals, so that the scenic attractions of the valley Rottal with its training goals go hand in hand. The paths lead into the most beautiful corners of Bad Birnbach and around the whole place.




With plenty of nature and filled with healing thermal water, lies the valley of the river Rott, between the Danube and Inn which gave its name to the valley. In the undulating hills of the Rottal all cyclists find flattens, but also demanding tours with step gradients and long departures on well developed, traffic poor road and path networks. It's an ideal fitness area outdoor, far away from the bicycle tourism.

The Rottal Terme in an overview - The "thermal world" with the guarantee for feeling fine

Physio Therapy Bath (Therapiebad) - 14 thermal pools, 944 m² water surface



  • 5 thermal therapy pools, 32 °C, 54 m ² water surface
  • 2 thermal special therapy pools, 34 °C, 20 m ² water surface
  • 1 thermal recreational pool with water fountains, 36 °C 85 m ² water surface
  • 1 thermal bubbling water pool with gate to the outdoor pool, 33 °C 40 m ² water surface
  • 1 mobile lifting device for disabled people
  • 1 steam bath with chilled water well and kneippism
  • 4 rest rooms
  • 1 open rest gallery
  • 2 Solarien
  • 1 reading room
  • 1 roof garden café
  • 1 training kitchen



  • 1 thermal exercise pool with ground sputter and massage nozzles, swan necks and underwater lighting, 33 °C, 90 m ² water surface
  • 1 Kneipppool with warm-cold water, 17/40 °C, dipping is possible on both sides, 27 m ² water surface
  • 1 thermal hot water-relaxation pool, 40 °C, 12 m ² water surface
  • 1 thermal relaxation pool with grot and waterfall, fountain, ground sputter and laying area in the water, 35 °C, 130 m ² water surface
  • 1 thermal therapy swimming pool 25 m long, from 26 to 28 °C, 250 m ² water surface
  • 1 mobile lifting device for disabled people
  • 1 sun terrace on the upper deck
  • 1 roof garden café terrace
  • 1 sunbathing area in the old orchard 2,200 m ²


Therapy & Spa:

  • 4 physiotherapy cabins
  • 4 massage cabins
  • 6 soft pack water beds for mud bathes
  • 1 baths tub
  • 1 inhalation cabin
  • 1 gymnastic hall
  • 3 aromamassage places
  • 1tub for "under-water-massage" and for hydro-electric water treatment
  • 2 cosmetics cabins
  • 1 pedicure cabin
  • 2 soft pack beds for skin care bathes
  • 1 diving tub for skin care bathes
  • 1 jacuzzi tub for skin care bathes
  • 1 sun deck
  • 1 reception for bookings and sales


VITARIUM with thermal world - 10 thermal washbasins, 1.113m² water surface


  • 1 thermal pool, 36 °C / middle washbasin 85 m ² water surface
  • 4 thermal corner pools with allegorical nymphs 12 m ² water surface
  • 1 water channel to the outdoor pool, 50 m ² water surface
  • 1 saltwater lagoon (12% of sole salary) ,28 m ² water surface
  • 1 grotto of the senses
  • 2 restrooms
  • 1 VIP-restroom
  • 1 rest garden (700 m ²) with labyrinth from living hedges and panorama rest gallery
  • 1 gym with training devices and exercise bicycles
  • 1 restaurant with terrace
  • 1 internet café
  • 1 rainy sauna
  • 1 textile sauna
  • 1 graduation house (wig towers releasing brine vapour)
  • 4 alpha beds
  • 2 solaria
  • 6 places for aromatic massages
  • 2 places for nursing baths (soft pack water beds)



  • 1 thermal river, 105-metre length, 33 ° C, 340 m ² water surface
  • 1 thermal cascade pool, 36 °C, 85 m ² water surface
  • 1 thermal movement pool with massage nozzles, 34 °C, 240 m ² water surface
  • 1 thermal summer pool, from 24 to 28 °C, 225 m ² water surface
  • 1 Kneipp walking pool, 12 °C, 12 m ² water surface
  • 1 well court
  • 1 "garden of the senses", with stream course, lawn chess, boccia, loop road, jetty, "sand beach" and pond arrangements, 2,700 m ²


VITARIUM with sauna-experience world - 5 thermal pools / 1 cold water pool, 380 m² water surface


  • 1 bistro at the bank of the thermal lake
  • 1 Sanarium (bio-sauna), 55 °C (approx. 30 people)
  • 1 dry sauna, 85 °C (approx. 25 people)
  • 1 crystal sauna with infusion, 100°C (approx. 80 people)
  • 1 herbs-aromatic sauna with shower area, 75 °C (approx. 35 people)
  • 1 ice well
  • Experience and tub showering
  • 1 steam pyramid, 48 °C
  • 1 dipping pool, 16 ° - 18 °C, 12 m ² water surface
  • 1 jacuzzi, 38 °C, 8 m ² water surface.
  • 1 thermal movement pool with passage to the outside pools, 36 °C, 40 m ² water surface
  • 1 sole temple (sole inhalation)
  • 1 salt stone grotto with 12 places
  • 1 restroom called Salettl with approx. 30 berths and 6 double seat bunks
  • 1 room with a wooden stove, play tables, relax and reading possibilities
  • 1 restroom called Meditation with 8 rocking chairs and 4 double seat bunks
  • 1 restroom called Silentium with 10 water beds
  • 1 solarium
  • 1 Prießnitzbath (slowly increasing temperature in a steam bath with snow and ice rain at the end), 7 sitting places
    1 Physiotherm infrared special use



  • 1 thermal movement pool, 36 °C, 70 m ² water surface
  • 1 thermal movement pool with massage nozzles, 34 °C, 100 m ² water surface
  • 1 thermal lake, 150 m ² water surface
  • 1 sunbathing area and rose pavilion, 1,350 m ²
  • 1 mud sauna, approx. 85 °C, (approx. 20 people)


Further information: Rottal Terme

PO Box 26,
84360 Bad Birnbach
Telephone +49 (0) 85 63.29 00
Facsimile +49 (0) 85 63.29 00 50

The Rottal Terme and Bad Birnbach

We are in the beginning of the 70's in the last century. The Rottal located in Bavaria, then belonged to the regions at the end of the economic scale in Germany. In the search of oil or gas the first hole was drilled into the ground in 1938. The second one at the end of the sixties, but both times there was nothing found than hot water. Slowly the idea grew and some unconventional thinking people realised, at the beginning of the seventies, that hot water can be as good as oil, if you use it the right way. So they decided they would try again and bore especially for hot water to use it for heating systems. It was a successful venture. In 1618 metres they found 70 degree Celsius hot water. People were very happy and had lots of fun with this treasure. On a spontaneous action someone carted down a bath tub to the drilling hole, where the water just poured out of the ground, and at this time, as the first person dipped into the hot water tub the idea of the Rottal Terme spa was born.


The story developed fast. The balneologist's research showed, that the water was highly concentrated with minerals and, used the right way, very helpful for medical purposes especially spinal problems, rheumatism and other kinds of joint diseases.

A little centre, with approximately 200 square metre expanse of water in three pools, have been built. From there on, the development wasn't to stop anymore. Already in 1979 another section was built, bigger and better, 1987 Birnbach was officially declared to be a spa – Bad Birnbach. In 1990 a capacious therapy centre has been built, all with the aim to health care and medical treatment. The public interest was very big. Around half a million guests visited Bad Birnbach per annum in this period. 1995 the Vitarium, a new and unusual section, for this still rural area, was designed. With the Vitaruim the Rottal Terme was setting a bench mark for the future development of the wellness and health era.

Since then, the bath house, with its many different sections e.g. pools (altogether now 2500 square metres), saunas, wellness & cosmetic, medical care and a physiotherapy centre is prepared for all kinds of wishes and demands. The Rottal Terme has never stopped to plan and create ahead of its time. It is widely known as a medical centre of competence in aqua training and has started in April 2008 to build a whole new area for cardiovascular disease. There are excellent saunas, relaxation places and spacious resting areas, inside as well as outdoor. After all this treatments, water facilities, action and fun, visitor can satisfy their physical needs in a good positioned and modern equipped gourmet restaurant. In 2006 the restaurant was awarded as one of the best spa restaurants of Germany.



Now, in Bad Birnbach is more than only hot water. What would be a swimming place without a compatible infrastructure? As the countryside spa developed so did the community and its rural area. It changed from farmers land with little industry into an upcoming tourist centre. A perfect symbiosis between wellness, health and leisure time facilities is grown around the Rottal Terme.
By now, in 2008, guests, visitors, tourists and health seekers find many opportunities to occupy their time and exercise in various sports around the health care facilities. For example there are 507.50 km of marked bicycle tracks. They are divided into 12 different routes, vary in their level of difficulty, through the beautiful Rottal with its rolling hills and scenic lookouts. All twelve of them lead the cyclist to places of interest. But if anyone wants to make a tour, away from the identified paths, can borrow a free GPS from the Tourist Information Centre. This is located in a central building between the village and the Rottal Terme. The Information Centre also supplies the visitor, apart from much other information, with free Cycling- and Nordic Walking maps. There also is a coffee shop with lots of reading material, a public library and different sized conference rooms for varied possibilities, like concerts, theatre, etc.

But for people who don't like it fast and prefer to be on foot rather than on wheels, there are seven Nordic Walking routes. They differ from short-range with 1.6 km to long distance with 11.9 km. All in all that can be added up to over 40 km of marked tracks. And here is the same service supplied as for the bicycle riders. Walkers can lend a GPS, free of charge, for there tours to make sure they arrive back home "save and sound".



Another opportunity for visitors, who wants to combine outside activity with sport, is the new Bella Vista Golf Park, which opened its "gates" (there is no gate or fence at all!) in summer 2007. Bella Vista is made up of a nine-hole short place with driving range and play! Golf (looks a bit like miniature golf). Here, everybody can go and have a try with no golf club membership or minimum handicap is needed.
For golf players there also is a superior 18-hole golf course to play on. The park itself is stretching over 70 hectares and is only walking distance from the village centre. The Golf Park, imbedded in the rolling hills of the Rottal, has some very scenic views, from where it has its name, Bella Vista.
Being in this wonderful area almost everyone wants to stay longer than just for a day. There are lots of great places to stay. At the present moment there are 4500 beds in Bad Birnbach. Two hotels have a direct connection to the spas. Some of them, like the Rottal Terme, have been awarded several times in the past years. The Hotel Sonnengut has the title of "Germany's most wonderful wellness hotels". A 5 star camping ground is situated on the outskirts of Bad Birnbach and in walking distance to the village centre. A little bit further out, but really not far, is the Hofgut (idyllic location) Hafnerleiten with a boat-, earth- and tree cottage. It has been selected as one of the 10 greatest honeymoon suites in Germany.



Summa samarium (all in all) the Rottal Terme and Bad Birnbach is one of the most successful spas in Germany

To bring it all down to a point, nearly everyone can have a good time in Bad Birnbach, recharge the battery, or just being lazy. Find the optimal level between Yin & Yang with Qi Gong, Ayurasan and Ayurvedic treatments or get the energy flowing again with the crania sacral therapy.
Or use the miscellaneous possibilities for outdoor activities like hiking, tennis, volleyball, ballooning, gun shooting, archery, miniature golf and so on.
After being here for a couple of days one feels like being in a fitness studio in the middle of nature.
So, you can see its worth to have a closer look at Bad Birnbach than just to look at a map and see where it is imbedded in the charming area of Bavaria.




Further information: guest service Bad Birnbach

84360 Bad Birnbach
Telephone +49 (0) 85 63.96 30 47
Facsimile +49 (0) 85 63.96 30 77

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