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Golfclub Sagmühle

Golfclub Sagmühle

the No. 1 in the Golf Mecca Bad Griesbach

The personal and private atmosphere, the extremely friendly and competent service and the huge amount of space distinguish us! Try it out - we look forward to your visit. The golf course Sagmühle is the oldest and, therefore, best established golf club of Bad Griesbach. The completely flat course with short distances to the next tee-offs offers varied challenges for all levels of play. Numerous water obstacles and old trees provide visual pleasure and require a precise and tactically thought-out way of playing. The longer and more open holes on the second nine holes invite you to play power-golf. The modern machinery and the fairway irrigation system installed in 2004 ensure a high quality course from the tee to the hole. 16 golf carts, 3 electric trolleys and numerous towed trolleys are available for guests (please reserve carts and electric trolleys in advance).

Brücke an Loch 4 zu Grün 4
Brücke an Loch 4 zu Grün 4.
Blick über den Mühlbach auf Grün 10
Blick über den Mühlbach auf Grün 10.
Sonnenaufgang in Sagmühle
Sonnenaufgang in Sagmühle.
Blick über Mühlbach auf Grün 6
Blick über Mühlbach auf Grün 6.


Golfclub Sagmühle e.V. (Club-Nr. 8805)
Am Golfplatz Sagmühle 1 | 94086 Bad Griesbach
Phone: 08532 2038