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Brunnenfigur "St. Paulus" - oder wie der Saulus zum Paulus wurde

Brunnenfigur "St. Paulus" - oder wie der Saulus zum Paulus wurde

Even if this work is not a fountain, it is still about water, because after all it is a fountain figure that is standing on the Rott.

© Joseph Michael Neustifter

The river that originates near Müllerthann in the municipality of Wurmsham (Landshut district), then flows for 109 kilometres through the districts of Mühldorf, Rottal-Inn and the southern district of Passau from west to east, and then finally flows into the Inn at Schärding, has shaped the landscape - and therefore the people - of the Rott Valley over the centuries.
Joseph Michael Neustifter wouldn't have been himself if he hadn't also taken up a current cause in this work of art. In his image he lets Paul become Saul and alludes to the impeachment proceedings against the district administrator Ludwig Mayer, which riled the people of the Rott Valley like nothing else. The dispute continued for years and finally the case of the man, who had helped the county and its rural spa rise just a few years earlier, was concluded. But then things often don't happen quite as one expects them to. The people of Rott Valley simply elected his wife Bruni as District Administrator, and from then on she guided the destiny of the district for 24 years. The story of Ludwig Mayer is part of the story of the Rottal.
The Neustifter catalogue of works can be borrowed from our library Mamertus.
(Joseph Michael Neustifter 1981, catalogue of works III/24, illustrated book "Neustifter" page 163)

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