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Eggenfeldener Bauernmarkt

Eggenfeldener Bauernmarkt

We set our own guidelines for the species-appropriate husbandry of our cattle and pigs. Made from 100 percent meat from our own animals.

In 1996, farmers from Eggenfelden founded a self-marketing farm out of their love for nature.
With the idea of offering the consumer products from our own agricultural companies and from our region. A prerequisite of our agricultural animal husbandry is:
Breeding and keeping should be adapted to the natural behaviour of nature, i.e. pasture, open stable and straw bedding. The emergence of a self and regional marketing campaign for "Eggenfelden farmers" 20 years ago is a milestone not only in the Rott Valley region.
Diverse assortment:
Organic beef (free-range beef)
Organic lamb meat (pasture lamb)
Rottaler straw sow (on straw husbandry, GMO-free feeding)
Organic veal (from suckler cow husbandry)
Outdoor poultry (roosters, ducks, geese, turkeys)
Ham specialities
Meat and sausage specialities
Our own salami production
Organic and regional cheeses
Organic and regional eggs
Organic and regional fruit / vegetables
Organic and regional drinks (juice, wine, schnapps)
Farmer's bread, delicious jams, farmer's honey, country pasta and much more
Also delicious farmer cakes, doughnuts and Bavarian doughnutsCome to our farm and find out for yourself.
All products from our own production
Fair prices through direct marketing
You will be surprised how much Eggenfelden's farmers have to offer. Shopping at the farm with lots of parking possibilities! All the problems about the origin of meat are not a problem for us. We breed, keep and feed our animals perfectly adapted to nature for years. That's why our animals are so healthy and full of life. Through pasture farming, fresh air and free-run stables with a straw base we offer you.
"Best, high-quality and healthy meat."
Unique in the Rott Valley: The Eggenfelden farmer's market! The butcher's shop with a difference!
About us:
Organic farmer Franz Moser (Wolfsberg)
Marketed: Charolais organic beef
My grassland farm is subject to the strict organic guidelines and is located in Wolfsberg (Rottal-Inn district). Our organic "Charolais" cattle live on the pasture and untethered in the organic open stable with a straw-covered floor. The animals only receive grassland fodder, feel completely well, are particularly robust and very healthy. Our marketing offers our customers:
"Best, high-quality, healthy and especially tasty organic meat."
Our organic beef contains the vital Omega 3 fatty acids.
Organic farmer Klaus Kammergruber (Gschwend)
Markets: Rottaler suckling lamb
My agriculture is in Gschwend (Rottal-Inn district) and I belong to the "Biokreis" association. I am a migrant sheep farmer and producer of Rottaler suckling lamb. My grazing with the lambs is worth seeing and the young organic lambs are sold in the Eggenfelden farmer's market.
Heinz Wagenhofer (Sprinzenberg)
farmer and managing director:
Rottaler Strohsau
"Unique in the Rott Valley"
You can find my farm in Sprinzenberg, and it belongs to the "Offenen Stalltür". This award requires regional origin, as well as a species-appropriate attitude to keeping and feeding of the animals. Our animals are kept on straw in a specially-built barn and fed without genetic engineering.
The meat produced stands for enjoyment, quality and safety.
Kindly supported by direct marketer Rottal-Inn

Monday 06:30 - 13:30
Tuesday 06:30 - 13:30
Wednesday 06:30 - 13:30
Thursday 06:30 - 13:30
Friday 06:30 - 18:00
Saturday 07:00 - 12:00
Sunday closed



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