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Filialkirche St. Vitus - St. Veit

Filialkirche St. Vitus - St. Veit

Everything indicates that knights made donations to the small church in St Veit.

History: Since the place got its name from the church patron, it can be assumed that the small church was already built during settlement. St. Vitus is the oldest church in the parish. The current building is a small construction from the 12th century with quarrystone masonry without a foundation. At the beginning of the 16th century the small church received its low late Gothic vault and the windows in the style of that time. The neo-Gothic ridge turret is from 1847. The small church was mentioned in writing in 1558.
Building: A semicircular, retracted apse adjoins the nave with two bays. In the nave itself there is a low, late Gothic reticulated vault from the beginning of the 16th century. On the east side of the apse a Romanesque round-arched window has been preserved. In the west wall there are circular windows from the time of construction. The portal on the south side is a pointed arched with stepped sloping walls. The entrance door is fitted with valuable late-Gothic wrought-iron fittings.
High altar: Early rococo around 1730 to 1740. Two-column structure with foliage, ribbons and lattice work. The altarpiece represents St. Vitus in the oil boiler. In the curvilinear composition we can see the painting of St. Nicholas.
Side altars: In the north there is the altar with the picture "Christ in the dungeon", which is painted on wood. In the south there is an altar with the wooden relief "St. Mary with child." However, this is a copy. The original from the year 1500 is in the Assumption of Mary parish church in Bad Birnbach.
Pulpit: The pulpit was created in 1779. On the sides there are the paintings "The Good Shepherd" and "The Four Evangelists".
Patrocinium: 15 June



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