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Greineder's Hofbäckerei

Greineder's Hofbäckerei

Sale every Friday in the farm shop and by telephone appointment

We are a small agricultural sideline business; we only deal with cultivation. Since 1998 we started up "small but good" with the production of bread and bakery products. This project has been further expanded over the years through supply and demand, as well as word of mouth.
Our farm shop is open every Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, otherwise we bake at any time (also on weekends) to order for every occasion (birthdays, weddings, christenings, etc.). These are delivered professionally and on time. (Lard biscuits in thermoboxes).
Our range:
bread, pretzels,
lard biscuits,
cakes and pastries depending on the occasion
We offer a wide range of bread types (farmhouse bread, multigrain bread, wholemeal rye, pumpkin seed and spelt), snack sticks, pretzels, rye and spelt rolls, puff pastries and Danish pastries, as well as cakes, tarts and slices of all kinds. We would like to emphasise our wide range of lard pastries, which have already achieved a wide reputation. Auszogne and Krapfen (Bavarian doughnuts), dafeite Erdäpfe (filled potatoes), Zwetschgenbovesen (French toast with plum compôte), Hasenöhrl (fried dough), Quarkstritzel (braided yeast bun), funnel cake and Rottaler snowballs are gently baked in pure peanut fat. We only use high-quality ingredients for our bakery products, which are always freshly prepared.

Additionally we offer honey from our own beekeeping in our farm shop, as well as products from other direct marketers.
You will find us in the beautiful Rott Valley at the highest point of Postmünster near the television tower. Visit us or order. If you can't find us, ask for the Greineder bakery.
Kindly supported by direct marketer Rottal-Inn



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