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Leonhardimuseum Aigen

Leonhardimuseum Aigen

With the permanent exhibition "The Veneration of St. Leonhard" the aim is to bring visitors closer to the diversity of the Leonhardi worship, which originated in France in the 11th century and can be found all over Europe.

The Leonhardi Museum in Aigen am Inn is dedicated to the Leonhardi pilgrimage.

Saint Leonhard, initially the patron saint of prisoners, is also known as the "chain saint". He is regarded as an emergency helper, but above all as the patron saint of livestock, especially horses.
Aigen am Inn is known for its Leonhardi ride, which attracts riders and visitors from all over Bavaria and neighbouring Austria on the first Sunday in November every year. The veneration of Saint Leonhard in Aigen am Inn has been witnessed since the Middle Ages. According to reports, the pilgrimage dates back to a wooden figure of St Leonhard which was washed ashore by the Inn, and is one of the oldest in Bavaria.
More than 200 offerings and votive offerings made of iron, wax, silver and wood are on display. Among them are iron figures shaped like humans and animals from the 11th and 12th centuries (e.g. "Die Würdinger"), as well as many other exhibits on the history of the Leonhardi pilgrimage.

Sonder-/Dauerausstellung: 3,00€
mit Kurkarte 2,50€
Kinder und Jugendliche: 1,00€
Gruppen: 2,00€
Familienkarte: 5,00€

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