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Reitberger - Erdbeeren und Christbäume

Reitberger - Erdbeeren und Christbäume

Josef Reitberger and his family run an agricultural business in Woching. The village of Woching, with a view of the town of Pfarrkirchen, is very close to the Weko furnishing house. The direct marketing of strawberries and Christmas trees and decorative branches at Christmas time has established itself here.

Business in the strawberry fields in Rottal-Inn is running at full speed. With our member Sepp Reitberger, the season was officially opened. Paula Hochholzer, a farmer from the district, had also joined the party, and she stocked up with healthy fruit from the lovely saleswomen Marianne Reitberger (right) and Evi Fahmüller (2nd from right), while Robert (2nd from left) and Kathrin (3rd from right), the youngsters at the farm, still prefer to taste the berries straight from the field and from their hands. (Photo: heimatluft)
Enjoy the good strawberries from the Reitberger strawberry farm
Strawberries ...mmm delicious:
No other fruit is as eagerly awaited as the strawberry. The strawberry farmer Josef Reitberger from Pfarrkirchen has been striving for best quality for more than 25 years. The juicy red aroma bombs from the Reitberger family are a very special pleasure, and they really are good. The consumer can choose between 9 different varieties on the field in Woching. So there should be something for every taste and every processing.
Long transportation routes and storage damage the valuable ingredients of the fruit - so buy the strawberries as long as they are available - fresh from the Reitberger farm. Or better yet, pick them yourself - they couldn't be fresher and it's an experience, especially for children. However, if your kids get bored with picking, the farm's own bouncy castle is always available.

strawberries picked in different packing units
and for self-picking in the field near the farm,
strawberry limes,
cake bases,
gelling sugar and jam jars
Opening hours strawberry time:
Season approx. End of May to beginning of July
Daily 8 am to 7 pm
Sundays and holidays 9 am to 7 pm
Opening hours strawberry time:
Season approx. End of May to beginning of July
Daily 8 am to 7 pm
Sundays and holidays 9 am to 7 pm
A beautiful Christmas tree ... then Christmas can come
If you buy a Christmas tree from the Reitberger family, you can be sure that you have chosen a local tree. Our trees are sorted by size in our spacious courtyard. Here you can examine each tree one after the other with us in complete peace and quiet - in the so-called "quiet time" - and choose according to your own ideas. We have a huge selection. Don't miss out on a glass of mulled wine or children's punch.
Larger trees over 4 m can be supplied and delivered on request. Since we cut most of our trees according to moon phases, we have been confirmed as having the best durability by our regular customers.
The "Bayerischer Christbaum" seal of origin may only be used by members of the Bayerischer Christbaumanbauer e.V. association of the same name. The Reitberger family is one of them. This is a Bavarian control of origin which guarantees absolute freshness and ecology - confirmed by short transport distances.
Christmas trees mainly Nordmann firs
1 m to 5 m trees - also deliverable
Decorative branches of various species
Opening hours Christmas tree sales:
Start of sale
1 week before 1st weekend in Advent
up to and including 24/12
Daily 8 am to 6 pm
Additional sale on 10/12
At Weko in front of the main entrance
on weekdays 9.30 am to 6 pm
Saturdays 9 am to 6 pm
Kindly supported by direct marketer Rottal-Inn



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