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Rottal-Imkerei Biermeier

Rottal-Imkerei Biermeier

The Biermeier family has a tradition of beekeeping which goes back over 100 years.

Grandfather Biermeier still kept bees in braided beehives made from straw. At the end of the summer he used a turned wooden centrifuge to harvest delicious honey, which was then stored in earthenware pots. Today the Biermeier beekeeping is one of the few professional beekeepers in Bavaria.
The best from our region for you!
From spring to autumn, we hike through the Rott valley in southern Lower Bavaria with the bee colonies which we farm, to harvest honeydew and nectar at carefully-selected locations. The matured honey is then harvested and bottled at our bee farm in Steinberg.
Quality which you can also taste
A bee colony grazes millions of flowers and collects the valuable nectar. This is already enriched with endogenous secretions in the honey sac of the collecting bee. Later, valuable enzymes are added in the beehive during the natural ripening process and water is extracted. Honey essentially consists of various fructose and dextrose compounds, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements, amino acids, fruit acids, inhibitors, water and pollen. Our honey is a completely natural and unaltered food. For quality control and variety determination, we have our honeys tested by a certified laboratory. Our range:
flower honey, dandelion honey
rapeseed honey, country honey
forest honey, lime honey
fir honey
flower pollen
royal jelly
honey mead
honey liqueurs
honey-herb spirits
honey cosmetics
beeswax candles
Master beekeeper Siegfried Biermeier from the Rott Valley Bee Farm in Steinberg started his own business as a professional beekeeper in Bad Birnbach in 1979 after years of apprenticeship in the Allgäu and Black Forest, and after his time as an assistant in Celle (Lüneburger Heide). Since then, more and more customers have discovered the "Rott valley honey taste". The biologically high-quality honey, harvested and bottled in our own master business, has become a household name. Daughter Kathrin Held and her husband have already joined the company and carry on the family tradition.
Kindly supported by direct marketer Rottal-Inn

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