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Schemmer - Hofbauernhof

Schemmer - Hofbauernhof

Buy from us on our farm or via our online shop. In addition, we are currently working on the planning of our farm shop with a larger range.

Welcome to the Schemmer farm
Our medium-sized arable farm has been consistently cultivated with conservation tillage for more than 30 years. Newer processing methods which adapt to continental climate change are being tested.
Wheat, maize, rapeseed, sugar beet and soybeans are cultivated, some of which are used as fodder in animal husbandry and are sold as market fruits. Over the decades, the processing industry has tried to adapt to the consumption habits of the population.
The Schemmer farm - a family business
Florian Schemmer took over the farm as an agricultural business economist and agricultural master on 01/07/2015. Previously, the farm had been run by his father Franz and his wife Rita for over 30 years. The farm has been family-owned for 6 generations.
In his spare time Franz Schemmer is interested in study trips. As a certified country travel guide he offers guided tours on his farm with a "journey in time - through an eventful century in agriculture" in order to carry on his enthusiasm and love for agriculture.
Animal welfare label German Animal Welfare Association
Our farm was marked with the animal welfare label by the German Animal Welfare Association.
The large bright barn offers the animals (slowly-growing "Ranger Classic" breed) plenty of space for moving around. The chickens have substantially more space and their age is 1/3 longer than in conventional raising.
The animals have
More time to grow up
More space for movement due to less stocking
More variety through opportunities for different activities
This also includes a so-called cold share room, a kind of conservatory
Sale from the farm
Further information about our company, our products, pictures, a virtual tour of the farm and films can be found at: www.schemmer-hofbauernhof.de
"Journey in time through an eventful century"
Nowhere can food production be better represented than on an active farm. The tour is accompanied by small cultivated areas of various types of original cereals, equipment and machinery.
The "JOURNEY THROUGH TIME" doesn't end with the current status, but is rounded off with a look at future developments such as "Precision Farming" etc. A comparison of the centuries by means of panels and graphics provides information about the major changes in agriculture. If you're interested, you are welcome to join a group or visit us with your group/club as a half-day excursion. Our range:
Whole chicken
1400 g
1200 g
Chicken can also be seasoned with our own spice mixture on request.
Chicken pieces:
barbecue assortment:
Schemmer´s African marinade
Schemmer´s Indian marinade
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