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Wooden chapel Lugenz

Wooden chapel Lugenz

In the 19th century, Holy Brother Konrad of Parzham prayed almost daily in the chapel, because there he felt particularly close to Holy Mary.

© Lisa Hasenberger

The wooden chapel in the Lugenz was built at the beginning of the 18th century at the request of the then Arterhof farmer, who took a vow on a pilgrimage to Sammarei, which in turn led to the decision. According to oral tradition, numerous answers to prayers took place in the chapel. In gratitude, many votive panels were donated to decorate the interior. Moreover, after prayers in the chapel to Holy Mary, the sick were apparently healed from their suffering and recovered. A wooden leg and crutches still bear witness to the events. The special energy of the place is also reflected in the beech twisted on the trunk next to the chapel. From the parish church you go over the Kalvarienberg, which offers a wonderful view of the Rottal, either along the forest nature trail or the way of the cross to the wooden chapel in the middle of the forest. The many paths leading to or away from it show how much the chapel is appreciated. Staying there can help to calm down, to reflect and to choose the right path.

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