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Onko Train Treatment

Onko Train Treatment

at the rural spa

More and more people are affected by cancer. The treatment and support of this group of patients requires special knowledge and skills. One focus of the treatment of people suffering from cancer is the professional individual care of the individual in order to attain prophylactic stabilisation of their general physical state of health. The therapy is aimed at the specific treatment of problems that are a consequence of cancer or its medical treatment. Such symptoms include tension, skin changes, stiffness of joints, muscle changes, sensory disorders, numbness and tingling, lymphedema, muscle weakness, loss of fitness and (chronic) fatigue. We offer several treatment and care options especially for oncology patients. During these therapies your performance level and the consequences of medical cancer treatment as well as possible side effects are constantly considered.

What is "OnkoTrain Treatment"?

"OnkoTrain Treatment" is a new, special oncological rehabilitation training programme. This "OnkoTrain Treatment" is an integral part of an outpatient preventive treatment at a recognised health resort. During the "OnkoTrain Treatment" programme, the patient gets to know his/her body even better. This is not only training, but also relaxation. Therefore, individual therapies as well as group therapies are offered. On the basis of a medical prescription, for example for physiotherapy including massage, lymph drainage or physiotherapy on equipment, individual treatment is offered, always tailored to the special requirements of the individual patient. Of course, either individual or group-oriented therapies in the unique healing water of Rottal Terme are included. Right at the first appointment, an initial diagnosis is made with a detailed anamnesis and determination of endurance. Individual care for patients is made possible by the manageable group sizes and the number of patients in the personally managed physiotherapy practices.

Who is the "OnkoTrain Treatment", the oncological rehabilitation training, suitable for?

In principle, all patients diagnosed with cancer are able to complete this workout. The age of the participants or the type of cancer can of course be different. Experience has shown that this has a positive effect on individual participants. The advantage of this programme is that each participant can train individually at their own level and pace.

What is achieved with the training?

At the beginning, of course, obviously improvement in the physical condition and strengthening of the muscles is important. Further goals are the restoration of the patient's mobility, quality of life and self-control over their activities in everyday life. Other possible objectives include the resumption of work and sporting activities. The "OnkoTrain Treatment" includes the strategy of a cleverly thought-out build-up of intensity and the achievement of the training goal. However, this cannot be achieved without professional support.
The latest scientific articles describe the training in all phases of the medical treatment. The doctor can therefore advise the patient best whether and when this training is suitable. Each participant receives a final report at the end of the stay, issued by the attending doctor at the health resort for the doctor in the home town. An important prerequisite for the long-term success of the training is its long-term continuity. Patients should continue the exercises they have learned on their own. The continuous participation of the patient in follow-up therapies and/or sports activities is recommended.


OnkoTrain Treatment participants:


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