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Entspannungsbecken im Therapiebad bei Nacht - 35 °C

Your very own
key for the
Rottal Terme

Daily spa (NEW)

Daily spa (NEW)


Daily spa in the therapy spa and the spa world of the Vitarium (3 hours plus 1 hour for holders of the guest card) are possible from 94,5 € if you book a stay of at least 7 nights.


Your easy way to the CHRYSANTI CARD:

Book your stay at one of our participating hosts with CHRYSANTI CARD.
You will receive your host's business card including a CHRYSANTI CARD voucher.
You leave your business card and the CHRYSANTI CARD voucher at the Rottal Terme In return you receive the transponder - your key to daily spas!


Find a suitable hotel now


Take advantage of the unique benefits and choose on a daily basis according to your taste:

  • Today with Sauna world? Extra cost: only € 8,00
  • Would you prefer a day ticket for the spa tomorrow? - Supplement: only € 10,5
  • Get further discounts with our spa cards.

Your host will bill the Chrysanti Card with the overnight stay.

After your last visit to Rottal Terme, simply give the transponder back to one of the ticket offices at Rottal Terme.

Conditions: The Chrysanti Card can be booked with a minimum stay of 7 nights. For a longer stay, e.g. 10 nights, you can also choose a shorter Chrysanti Card, which is always valid for at least 7 consecutive days. No payment or refund will be made for unused days/entries. The Chrysanti Card cannot be transferred, cancelled, extended or changed after issue.

You can use the sauna world at the Vitarium as often as you like during your stay. The optional extra payment in this case is € 8,00 per day. You can also extend the total duration of your stay as you wish for € 1,75 per half hour or part thereof. A deposit of € 10 is required for the Chrysanti Card transponder. The additional payment for the use of the sauna world at the Vitarium, for extending the bathing time or other products or services used must be paid daily by the guest themselves when leaving Rottal Terme. So please remember to bring some money with you to Rottal Terme.

If the Chrysanti Card is misused, it will be withdrawn immediately. In this case, services not yet used will also not be reimbursed.