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Stubenberg Aussichtspunkt

Discover the unique
and gentle hilly landscape around Rottal



In Bad Birnbach the scenic attractions of the Rottal have been used to develop an extensive network of trails for nature lovers and those who like to gget out and do things.

A well-signposted hiking area approx. 80 km long extends around the rural spa Most tours start and finish in the middle of Bad Birnbach, so you always come back to the starting point. Very few of the hiking trails are asphalted in order to make hiking as healthy and relaxing as possible. Even if not absolutely necessary, we recommend sturdy shoes or hiking boots because they are sturdy and protect the joints. Modern maps, a tour portal, guided training programmes and tours, eventful themed hikes, alone or in a group... there is something for everyone!

Aktuelle Tourenempfehlung aus der Presse

Particularly popular hiking trails

Naturlehrpfad in den Rottauen

Theme trail | easy

Der informative Naturlehrpfad in den Rottauen bringt Ihnen die Natur des ländlichen Bades näher.
 1,9 km  1:00 h  7 m  7 m

Klimapfad Lugenz

Theme trail | medium

Diese Themenrunde führt sie entlang des Klimapfades in der Lugenz
 2,4 km  0:40 h  73 m  72 m

Meditationsweg im Kurpark

Theme trail | easy

An jeder Station finden Sie Tafeln mit Anregungen. Die Zeichnungen von Thomas Richter, die extra für den Meditationsweg gestaltet hat, laden ein das Schauen zu üben- vor Ort im Kurpark.
 0,7 km  1:00 h  1 m  4 m

Guided hikes

Find out about the new and the old-fashioned

The rural cultural landscape of the Rot Valley is littered with rural religious buildings, memorial plaques and small court chapels. Numerous folk costume associations also cherish traditional rural customs. So that we do not lose sight of cultural heritage, we have decided to give you an insight into some of the themes from the customs calendar in a themed hike.

Themed hikes

Meeting point for the hikes is at 2 pm (until approx. 5.30 pm) in front of the Artrium, Kurallee 7, in Bad Birnbach. The journey to and from the respective hike takes place by bus.

Overview & Details: Themed hikes

Guided hikes

Please remember to wear sturdy shoes! Approx. 6 to 8 km, stop for a meal.

Overview & Details: Guided hikes


Popular hiking destinations

The Labyrinth - Way of life


Bad Birnbach

Labyrinths do not lead astray, they trace the path of life: You start, go towards a goal, take detours and - hopefully - reach your goal, in the middle.

Fish pond of the Market Bad Birnbach

Fishing opportunity

Bad Birnbach

Municipal fish pond with carp, tench, pike, zander, grass carp.

Wooden chapel Lugenz


Bad Birnbach

In the 19th century, Holy Brother Konrad of Parzham prayed almost daily in the chapel, because there he felt particularly close to Holy Mary.

Nordic Walking & Laufpark Bad Birnbach

Nordic Walking
& Running Park

Nordic Walking & running park for Nordic walkers, runners and joggers

The trail is layed out over 51 kilometres in seven loops according to the most modern scientific sport findings of the The Austrian company RUNNERSFUN. They are between 1.6 and 11.9 kilometres long and can be connected up to marathon distances. Special stations for stretching and strengthening exercises, an interval distance and different types of terrain make them varied. Its scenic attractions, the modern local health infrastructure and the high recreational value of the rural spa mean the new course is already one of the most beautiful in Bavaria.

Thermenbach Runde

Nordic walking | easy

Es ist eine Strecke für Nordic Walker, Läufer und Jogger ohne Steigungen, um die Technik zu festigen oder auch Ausdauer zu trainieren.
 6,7 km  1:23 h  8 m  8 m

Hubertus Runde

Nordic walking | hard

Am Rand des Bella Vista Golfpark durch hügeliges Gelände mit beeindruckender Aussicht auf den Tattenbacher Wald kommt man am Wildgehege vorbei und zurück zum Start.
 6,3 km  1:25 h  93 m  94 m


Nordic walking | medium

Durch die unberührte Natur bewegt man sich in sanftem Auf und Ab durch die friedliche Rottaler Landschaft vorbei an der Holzkapelle und dem Hansl Huber Brunnen.
 6,9 km  1:25 h  124 m  124 m
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