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Relaxing holiday with the dog

Holiday with dog

Holiday with dog

Recreation for humans and animals in the rural bath

We have put together all useful information for you to make your vacation as pleasant as possible.

Hosts that allow pets

Ein Bett im Kornfeld das ist immer frei - heißt es in Bad Birnbach - auch für Ihren Hund halten wir stets ein Körbchen bereit.

On holiday, you do not want to leave your beloved four-legged friends at home, because he also needs some rest. That's why we introduce you to all Bad Birnbacher hosts, who also like to welcome your four-legged friend.

Here you will find all the hosts that allow pets

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Tips for getting there

Arrive at rural Bad

By car:
If you go on holiday with your dog, you will already have some things to do on your arrival.  For example, you must ensure that you carry enough drinking water for your four-legged friend. If you arrive by car, smaller breaks in the fresh air are always recommended for humans and animals.

By train:
If you arrive by train, don't forget that travel is not free for all dogs. For dogs who fit into a carrying basket the train ride is free of charge, for larger dogs a ticket must be purchased. Please note that there is no special dog ticket. Dogs who do not fit in a transport basket pay the same price as paying children (6 - 15 years).
For more information, please visit www.bahn.de


Mit dem besten Freund des Menschen auf Reisen
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Additional costs

What are the costs for my dog on holiday?

In the dog-friendly establishments you pay approx. 0 - 10 euros per day without food for the overnight stay of your dog. Ask in your chosen accommodation if dog food is available in the house or if you can bring the food for your pet or buy it from your host for an extra charge. Of course you can also buy pet food in the local supermarkets.

Safe handling of the dog

Many people are afraid of dogs - large or small. That's why we think it is important that dogs are kept on a leash, especially in urban areas, so that we can also guarantee other guests rest and relaxation. On the map you can see the area in Bad Birnbach where dogs must be kept on a leash.

Die Hundeleine als kleiner Helfer
Die Hundeleine als kleiner Helfer ©  by Johann Frank, Fotofrank, A 3652 Leiben, Weitenegg 19 - Fotolia

Dog toilets in Bad Birnbach

A service in rural Bad

Hundetoilette am Artrium
Hundetoilette am Artrium

Our rural Bad should remain clean; please help us with this. Dog toilets are already an integral part of every dog owner's everyday life. So that our guests in Bad Birnbach can walk happily across the meadows and fields, we have also set up dog toilets for their dogs in our health resort.

Hundetoilette am Artrium
Hundetoilette am Artrium

Veterinarians around Bad Birnbach

Around Bad Birnbach there are various veterinarians and a veterinary clinic - however you should have your four-legged friend thoroughly examined by your vet before departure, so that your dog does not suddenly become ill on holiday.

Dr. med. vet. Stefan Burkert

Eichenweg 6

94086  Bad Griesbach im Rottal

Tel.: 08532 / 3888
Dr. med. vet. Wolfgang Peter

Untergrasensee 58

84347 Pfarrkirchen

Tel.: 08561 / 8350
Fax: 08561 / 5722
Dr. med. vet. Wolfgang Deutsch

Graf-Lenberger-Str. 18

84371 Triftern

Tel.: 08562 / 1310
Tierarztpraxis Andreas Hammerschmidt

Innere Simbacher Straße 21

84347 Pfarrkirchen

Tel.: 08561 / 71122
Fax: 08561 / 71593
Tierklinik Schönau, Dr. med. vet. Hans Kotter

Holzkellerweg 2

84337 Schönau

Tel.: 08726 / 313
Fax: 08726 / 1719
Seien Sie für den Ernstfall gerüstet
Seien Sie für den Ernstfall gerüstet © 2009 Monika Wisniewska - Fotolia

Our tip: Collar with address

A relaxed holiday for man and dog

Once you have arrived in Bad Birnbach, you shouldn't let your dog off the lead immediately, because first your dog has to get used to the new environment and reorient themselves.

Our tip for you: Give your dog a collar for your holiday with the address and telephone number of your hotel; he can be returned to you more quickly in an emergency.

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