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Bad Birnbach medicinal water

Bad Birnbach medicinal water

Our springs, the Chrysanti spring and the Konrad spring, are the hottest thermal mineral springs in Central Europe, due to the high temperature of the water.

The outlet temperature is up to 70 °C, depending on the quantity withdrawn. Our Rottal Terme is a state-approved health spa that is eligible for health insurance subsidies.

Therapeutic indications

Deforming joint diseases: Arthrosis deformans, polyarthrosis.
Chronic, inflammatory, rheumatic diseases: chronic Polyarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis ancylosans.
Chronic degenerative spinal diseases: Spondylosis, Spondylarthrosis, osteochondrosis, disc damage with and without irritant syndrome (except surgical indication), osteoporosis.
Soft tissue rheumatism: Tendiosis, tendoperiosteosis, periarthrosis, neuralgia.
Conditions after operations, consequences of injury to the musculoskeletal system: e.g. condition after endoprosthetic treatment, after surgical treatment of fractures, after operations on intervertebral disc prolapses.


All forms of heart failure (cardiac insufficiency), congenital and reactive pulmonary hypertension (severe hypertension), severe angina pectoris, severe hypertension (high blood pressure), pronounced hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism), acute, especially infectious diseases, acute thrombophlebitis (phlebitis), acute kidney and liver diseases, chronic debilitating diseases, organic brain diseases, infectious skin diseases.

If in doubt, consult your doctor (family doctor, spa doctor) in advance.

Quelle Rottal Terme mit Erdschichten
Quelle Rottal Terme mit Erdschichten

Spring characteristics

Springs containing fluoride, sodium, hydrogen carbonate and chloride. The extract from the medicinal water analysis of UIS Umweltinstitut synlab GmbH (Lower Bavaria branch, Pocking) shows the composition using the example of the "Chrysantiquelle".

Analysis of medicinal waters

One litre of healing water contains // mass mg/l Mass mg/l Equivalent mval/l Equivalent mval
Lithium (Li+) 0,200 0,0280 0,15
Sodium (Na+) 423,260 18,4110 95,8400
Potassium (K+) 8,470 0,2170 1,1300
Ammonium (NH4+) 0,650 0,0360 0,1900
Magnesium (Mg2+) 1,620 0,1330 0,6900
Calcium (Ca2+) 7,460 0,3720 1,9400
Strontium (Sr2+) 0,180 0,0040 0,0200
Manganese (Mn2+) 0,010 0,0000 0,0000
Iron (Fe2+) 0,190 0,0070 0,0400
Barium (Ba2+) 0,040 0,0010 0,0000
Total: 442,080 19,2090 100,0000
Fluoride (F-) 8,470 0,4460 2,3300
Chloride (Cl-) 211,390 5,9630 31,2000
Bromide (Br-) 1,370 0,0170 0,0900
Iodide (J-) 0,500 0,0040 0,0200
Sulphate (SO42-) 8,780 0,1830 0,9600
Nitrite (NO2-) < 0,010 0,0000 0,0000
Nitrate (NO3-) < 0,100 0,0000 0,0000
Hydrogen phosphate (HPO42-) 0,100 0,0000 0,0000
Hydrogen sulphide (HS-) 0,440 0,0130 0,0700
Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3-) 761,900 12,4870 65,3300
Total: 1.435,030 19,1130 100,0000
Undissociated substances: :      
Silica meta (H2SiO3) 47,400 0,6070  
Boric acid meta (HBO2) 11,840 0,1910  
Total Minerals: 1.494,270    
Dissolved gaseous substances:      
Dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) 48,400 1,1000 24,6300
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0,130 0,0040 0,0800
Oxygen (O2) <0,100    

Here is the "large medicinal water analysis" of 11.12.2018 (carried out every 10 years).