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Pfarrkirche St. Pankratius

Pfarrkirche St. Pankratius

The church is a late Gothic vault from the 15th century.

History: Originally a branch of the parish of Birnbach. 1899 branch, from 1900 parish.
Building: The Romanesque fortified tower with barrel vault was built as early as the 13th century. The church is a late Gothic vault from the 15th century. The vestibule was added in 1630 with a staircase to the organ gallery. In 1857/1858 the pyramid was added to the tower. In 1887 Emanuel Basler from Simbach am Inn made two side altars for the church. In 1902 sculptor Sebastian Häfele from Pfarrkirchen created the high altar. This one has the special feature which means that one can lower the relief wall with St Pancras mechanically and then at the back the holy grave appears. The church was painted in 1902. The organ was made by Weise in 1902 and has seven stops. The neo-Gothic interior was completed in 1908 with the installation of the pulpit (also by Sebastian Häfele). In 1985/1986 the high altar, the pulpit and the Way of the Cross were renovated. In 1994 the production of an pulpit was commissioned. This was inaugurated on 29/01/1995.


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