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AGES Private

Stress less

Everybody's talking about retirement at 67. How do you do that? What do you have to do to do your work every day, even in old age? And, most importantly, how can you retire healthy at 67?

Well, Birnbach prevention provides many answers to this question. We are already working in a preventive manner on joint and spinal diseases and burnout. Because it's best not to let it get that far in the first place. We set up an optimal programme for you to meet your individual needs. Even after the final examination, you remain in contact with your Bad Birnbach "Spa shadow", your very own personal health supervisor, so that you also have the care you deserve at home!

Below you will find a list of all contents of the AGES private package. We offer this for a group of 5 people minimum. Some services take place in the group. Of course we would be pleased to put together an individual package for you, tailored exactly to your needs.

Type of treatment 1 week stay
Number of treatments
2 weeks stay
Number of treatments
psychological patient discussions in the group 3 6
consultation hour 3 6
Spas and saunas 6 12
Underwater exercise group 1 3
Classical massage therapy 3 6
Natural fango 3 6
Relaxation according to Jacobson 3 6
Nordic Walking 1 3
Dream trip 1 3
Golf *** (1) (2)
Movement training on the device or archery 1 3
Total of all applications* 25 54
Fixed rate price** 822 € 1.779 €

*Additional applications are possible in consultation with the attending doctor. These are partly prescribable by general practitioners, specialists and spa doctors within the framework of the Therapeutic Products Ordinance (Health Card).

** Payable with the spa card but not discounted.

*** Golf services are not included in the package price and will be charged separately