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Thermalwasserquelle in Bad Birnbach

History of Rottal Terme

History of Rottal Terme

The development of Rottal Terme reflects our efforts to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. It shows our goals in terms of quality and how important it is for us to thrill our guests.

Die Rottal Terme
Die Rottal Terme.

Indications of possible oil and gas deposits prompted the Bavarian oil industry in Munich to sink the so-called "inn four boreholes". However, as "only" hot water was found instead of oil or gas, the boreholes were closed again four years later.

Once nearby Füssing was on the way to becoming a flourishing centre of spa tourism, the topic of water in Birnbach became relevant. The drills were then put back into action and, on 23 September, at a depth of 1,618 m, an abundant spring with a discharge temperature of approx. 70 °C degrees was discovered. The water has a high mineral content and great medical value as it contains "fluoride-sodium-hydrogen carbonate-chloride".

1973 was also the year in which the Birnbach spa association was formed.

Thermalwasserquelle in Bad Birnbach
Thermalwasserquelle in Bad Birnbach.

On 23 July, the Rottal Terme in Birnbach was opened after almost two years of construction.

Der Ursprung der Rottal Terme: das Hofbad
Der Ursprung der Rottal Terme: das Hofbad.

Birnbach received state recognition as a resort and Rottal Terme as a "medicinal spring and spa".

In 1979, the new "Chrysantibad" opened, as the capacitiy of the Hofbad was no longer sufficient.

The "Konradsquelle" was created by drilling a second well with a depth of over 1200 metres. Rottal Terme thus stood on two legs and the thermal water bubbled out even more strongly.

Work on expanding the water surface area in the Chrysantibad was begun. The cascade pool with the "water mushroom", the "summer pool" for swimming and the Kneipp complex were created. The aqua aerobics hall was also newly constructed, marking the start of "aqua aerobics in small groups".

Der Massagepilz im Kaskadebecken
Der Massagepilz im Kaskadebecken.

Bad Birnbach received the state award as a "Heilbad"...Bavaria's latest!

Rottal Terme started operating. In addition to "underwater" treatments, the new rooms also offered a complete physiotherapy service. Well-equipped physiotherapy and massage rooms, a natural fango department and a large gymnasium round off the offer. At the same time, the Hofbad and Chrysantibad became a "recreational spa".

Renovation of the recreational spa.

The Vitarium started its triumphal procession with care and beauty spas.

The HAUTcouture [Haut meaning skin in German] included in the spa is the new paradise for beauty and wellness treatments for the whole body. The new physiotherapy service expands the treatment available to include spinal and joint diseases and the new spa landscape provides more tempting relaxation before and after.

The "rural spa" now has a total of 2,100 m² of medicinal water in 30 pools with at 28 to 40 °C.

The Bad Birnbach thermal spa association decided to make further investments in Rottal Terme. The recreational pool was to be redesigned and made even more attractive.

In the summer, the expansion of the "Vitarium" sauna area began, which was then inaugurated on 17 December.

The 105 metre long thermal stream at Rottal Terme is unique in Europe and was constructed in six months, going into operation in December.

It flows through a landscape based on the Flaucher and it's flow speed changes according to the different widths. In addition to bubble loungers, a music pavilion, floor lift, waterfall and neck shower, the thermal stream emanates a very special atmosphere at night thanks to the most modern LED technology, which immerses the thermal stream in a wide variety of colours.

Thermenbach mit 33 °C in der Thermenwelt des Vitariums
Thermenbach mit 33 °C in der Thermenwelt des Vitariums.

The construction work for redesigning the outdoor areas of the recreational pool was underway.

Construction work for the conversion and redesign of the entrance and changing area and the implementation of various new ideas in the recreational pool and Vitarium were underway.

The new clay sauna in the Vitarium went into operation in November.

Lehmsauna mit 90 °C und 20 % Luftfeuchtigkeit
Lehmsauna mit 90 °C und 20 % Luftfeuchtigkeit.

On August 11th the new Vitarium - including spa world (formerly recreational pool) and sauna world (formerly Vitarium) - opened its gates. From that moment on, visitors had access to a more attractive changing area, a "market square" with foot basins and a steam bath with an illuminated foot reflex zone parcours. From the autumn, the offer was completed by a quiet and active garden under a huge glass roof, which is unique in Germany for its "labyrinth" of living hedges.

Finally finished! A new dimension in recreation. Since 1 July 2010, Rottal Terme has shone in its new splendour and all guests can look forward to numerous attractions such as rain sauna, salt water lagoon, textile sauna, physiothermal infrared room, active garden and much more. A modern, easy-to-use transponder system means all visitors can comfortably move around the entire Rottal Terme. In the near future, a cashless payment system will also be implemented. All Rottal Terme attractions have been recorded for guests in the new "Spa Guide". You are welcome to take it with you right into the spa free of charge.

The new connecting passage between the Vitarium and spa was put into operation and allows all guests to move easily between the two parts of the complex. In addition, a "beauty treatment" was added to the spa in December and it has been even more splendid since 2012.

Construction of the bathrobe corridor - Connection between therapy bath and Vitarium
Construction of the bathrobe corridor - Connection between therapy bath and Vitarium.

We are celebrating 35 years of Rottal Terme!

35. Geburtstag der Rottal Terme
35. Geburtstag der Rottal Terme.

Since 1 February 2012, cashless payment transactions have been possible throughout Rottal Terme. All guests can easily book their services on the transponder wristband and no longer need to carry cash in their bathrobes.

We are celebrating 40 years of the Chrysanti Spring with a beautiful water service.

The "Venite" food and drink outlet opened at the rural spa and has been spoling all Rottal Terme guests since then with rural delicacies.

Rural delicacies in the Venite gastronomy
Rural delicacies in the Venite gastronomy.

We celebrate 25 years of the spa and 20 years of the Vitarium with our guests!

Feierlichkeiten anlässlich des 20-jährigen Vitarium-Jubiläums
Feierlichkeiten anlässlich des 20-jährigen Vitarium-Jubiläums.

The new foot washing pools at Rottal Terme became operational. The new combined heat and power unit went into operation.

Fußtauchbecken in der Saunawelt des Vitariums
Fußtauchbecken in der Saunawelt des Vitariums.

40 years of Rottal Terme - we are celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the rural spa with a big party.

40. Geburtstag der Rottal Terme
40. Geburtstag der Rottal Terme.

The "Polaris" Finnish sauna opened and thrills those who love healthy sweating. The magic of the north is represented by beautiful picture animations with northern lights.

Polaris-Sauna mit 100 °C und 10 % Luftfeuchtigkeit
Polaris-Sauna mit 100 °C und 10 % Luftfeuchtigkeit.

A real sauna highlight opened: The Swiss stone pine sauna has captivated guests since March 2017 with its high wood content and its typical pleasant smell. A sauna with a special feel-good factor!

Zirbensauna mit einer Temperatur von 60 °C und einer Luftfeuchtigkeit von 60 %
Zirbensauna mit einer Temperatur von 60 °C und einer Luftfeuchtigkeit von 60 %.

The "AGES - Active against exhaustion and stress" project will test its effectiveness in a scientific study.